natural wonders

With spectacular stretches of coastline, fantastic beaches and ocean views, visiting whales, and unique volcanoes, this is truly a very special part of the world.

Moyjil - Point Ritchie
From Point Ritchie you can gaze out over a basalt reef to the mighty Southern Ocean.
Hopkins Falls
The largest and most picturesque falls on the Hopkins River
Hopkins River - Blue Hole
beautiful cliffs, rock formations and rock pools
Thunder Point
The best place in Warrnambool to watch the sunset.
Lady Bay
Warrnambool's spectacular family beach
Childers Cove
The Great Ocean Road’s best hidden gem
Tower Hill
A haven for wildlife nestled inside a dormant Volcano
Merri River
The Merri is regarded as one of Victoria’s finest brown trout streams
Middle Island
Home of the Famous Maremma Dogs
Whale Watching
view the leviathans of the deep from on high